Doctor-developed Therapeutic Adult Coloring Books

Art therapy provides an outlet in times of stress, illness, and great emotion. RxColor Therapeutic Adult Coloring Books provide a new alternative to traditional methods, allowing individuals to express themselves through a creative, coordinated outlet that offers a perfect union between creativity and structure.

Developed by Dr. Shyla High, a renowned Cardiologist, RxColor Therapeutic Adult Coloring Books are designed to help fill hours void of a basic need: the satisfaction of starting something at the beginning of the day and finishing it at the end of the day. It is Dr. High’s prayer that this therapeutic coloring book can do just that for many people for years to come.

Adult Coloring Books by Rx Color

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What others are saying

Dear Shyla, I have watched this project from start to fruition. This is an excellent modality to assist patients in recovery from traumatic and/or neurologic injuries/events. Patients vote the accomplishment of completing a picture better than watching football playoffs with benefits neurologically, psychologically and physically. It fills an important need and we look forward to future editions.

- William F. Tucker, Jr., MD, PA
My 84-year old husband awakened confused and not certain of where he was. I gave him the coloring book and, to my surprise, he started coloring intensely.

- Shirley Valentine
My granddaughter at 2 yrs and a few months loves it (RxColor), as long as we are doing it together, so I think I love it more!

- Mattie Grace Ruiz
My mom has Alzheimer's. She spends much of the day sitting in a chair. I have struggled for ideas on how to help challenge her mind. The first time I put your therapeutic coloring book in front of her I could see it was going to make a difference in her day...and mine. That first day she colored for two hours without stopping. Thank you for creating a tool that helps her use her mind. I think that is incredible medicine for an Alzheimer patient.

- Wendy Jenkins
I am lost for words with gratitude to Dr. High for touching my father’s memory with RxColor. Alzheimer’s has taken away his will to perform simple everyday tasks but, he does love to color. I am so proud of the “purple horse” he so carefully created – he loved horses. RxColor is a wonderful Tool and is truly a “horse of a different color."

- Jana Green Trotter
Shyla is a terrific Doctor and has a deep knowledge of the healing process. She's dedicated her life to helping others, and her new project, RxCOLOR will be an invaluable tool in all types of healing. I support her wholeheartedly.

- Carol Orr, President, Orr and Horner
Dr. High is a highly skilled, compassionate physician. She goes beyond the call of duty for her patients. My husband has been treated by Dr High since 2002 for his heart condition. Knowing Dr. High is there when we need her has given us both the peace of mind we need.

- Debra Carter
Dear Shyla, Thank you for sending the RxColor books. Mother has finished the first picture of the butterfly. It is amazing to me how she continues to use the techniques she learned in college and taught in jr.high when she colors, paints, and sketches. Thank you again for the books. We are seeing an increased creativity with mother.

- Ginger Wallace
Dr. High has developed something simple and yet profound: a therapeutic coloring book for adults. This promises to help all kinds of individuals as they strive to do meaningful things in the wake of advancing age and physical infirmities that arise along the way. An exciitng and positive idea that should bring joy and fulfillment to many, many people!

- David Thomas, Founder and President, IntegriTalk

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